Almost 70% of all offences are estimated to be speeding and speed-related offences. Following that, careless or dangerous driving whilst unfit (12%), while motoring convictions related to drink and drugs were next. (4.3%).

So what are the most common road traffic offences and what are their charges?

The most common offences are:

  • Using your phone while driving.
  • Not wearing a seatbelt.
  • Driving without an MOT / insurance.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs.
  • Failing to stop at a red light.
  • Defective tyres.

What are the charges and fines?

Around half of us admit to speeding on motorways while around a third of us drive above the speed limit in built up areas. Depending on the speed you were caught travelling at and where the offence took place, penalties can range from 3 points on your licence to an automatic ban and fines between £60 and £2,500.

Using your phone whilst driving.
Although it is an offence to use your phone while driving, it’s a law many choose to ignore. Being caught using your phone while driving carries a penalty of 6 points on your license and a £200 fine. You will lose your licence if you’ve passed your test in the last 2 years and maximum fines can reach £2,500.

Not wearing a seatbelt.
The law enforcing the wearing of seatbelts was introduced in 1983 and instantly reduced road injuries and deaths significantly. Although being caught without a seatbelt does not carry a points penalty, you can receive a fine of up to £500.

Driving without MOT/insurance.
Driving without an MOT certificate does not carry any penalty points but can mean receiving a fine of up to £1000. The only time you can drive without a valid MOT is if you are driving to an appointment at the garage for an MOT test. Driving without insurance however is a much more serious crime as it is there to protect not only you and your vehicle; but other vehicles and drivers on the road. You could be looking at a £5,000 fine, 8 penalty points or even a period of disqualified driving.

Details of our traffic offence defence can be found here.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol / drugs.
Possibly the most serious traffic offences as you are putting yourself and other motorists on the road at danger. A conviction for driving with excess alcohol can result in 3 months’ imprisonment, up to £2,500 fine and a possible driving ban. This can increase and decrease depending on the severity of the crime committed.

Failing to stop at a red light.
This is one of the most common types of traffic offences as it is often detected by an automatic camera. Drivers will be offered 3 penalty points and a £100 fine however, if you already have 9 points on your licence, the fine may be much more and you may even be disqualified from driving.

Defective tyres.
Although it may seem like a minor offence, driving with defective tyres can face some of the worst penalties. Moreover, each tyre counts as a separate offence so 3 defective tyres could see you facing 9 penalty points and up to a £2,500 per tyre!!

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