Citadel Solicitors & Advocates aims to provide high quality legal services to the general public and other businesses in relation to regulatory work and criminal matters. Our formidable and excellent team with combined expertise offer extensive experience covering all areas of serious crime, traffic crime and regulatory law. Our team of well-respected leaders in these demanding fields have a strong presence and quality reputation.

The managing partner, Kevin, is an expert in the aforementioned fields and we aim to provide the premier service to clients throughout the South West. Qualifying as a solicitor in the year 2000, Kevin attended university in Bristol and London. Once he completed his training, he began working as an assistant solicitor with one of the leading white collar/serious crime firms based in Central London. In 2004 Kevin gained full rights of audience to appear in all courts in 2004 and has run a firm of criminal solicitors for over 12 years. Kevin has experience in working with cases involving drug conspiracies, multi million pound frauds and all manner of general criminal matters.

Serious Crime

At Citadel Solicitors & Advocates, we pride ourselves in having a long standing and leading reputation for representing our clients in serious and high-profile matters across a broad range of serious and general crime. Our skilled defence team will help guide you every step of the way, our combined breadth and in depth knowledge, sided by our experience in criminal defence and the exceptional level of service we offer to clients. Citadel Solicitors & Advocates has a brilliant proven track record which is evidenced by our continuous referrals from existing clients and other firms who recognise our exceptional ability to successfully represent all of our clients.

Traffic Law

Here at Citadel Solicitors & Advocates, we recognise and understand the extreme trauma you and your loved ones are experiencing whilst facing allegations of a serious offence alongside the huge impact that it may have on you both in your personal and professional life. Our team of experienced experts pay intense attention to detail as they take a meticulous approach to investigating and pulling apart every single detail of you case, meaning that Citadel Solicitors & Advocates will produce a strong defence strategy tailored for you to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

Regulatory Law

We also have extensive experience with a wide range of regulatory and compliance matters. Our team of expert lawyers will provide you with advice on practice and procedures, in the early stages of any enquiry or investigation through to subsequent proceedings. Citadel Solicitors & Advocates has experience in all areas of fraud and financial crime, gaining us a well-earned reputation as leaders in our field. Our expert defence team take a proactive and pragmatic approach to legal advice and case strategy. We are committed to your successful outcome.

Citadel Solicitors & advocates offer a bespoke, quality, trusted and cost-effective advice and solutions for all of our clients. Our clients know that they will have the best defence team on their side. Law firms recommend us knowing that we deliver an exceptional service to all of our clients aiming to achieve the best outcomes.

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